I don’t think suicidal people get enough credit for not acting on their suicidal thoughts.


This post is for all of you who have survived the urge to end your life, either coming out the other side or still fighting to stay alive. 

I noticed how when someone has a physical illness such as cancer, and they come out the other side or even remission, they are able to celebrate surviving. I think all of the survivors of being suicidal should too.

Congratulations, and keep on fighting.

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Motionless In White

Camden NJ 2014


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and I accept you no matter what. [x]

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I want to be kissed angrily.

I want a girl who has had an extremely bad day and is mad at the world, shove me against a wall and kiss me until both our lips start to bruise. I want her to pour out all the anger shes feeling and shove it down my lungs, and then I want to push back. Not with force but with air, I want to turn that anger into love and turn the bruising kiss soft. I want to remind her that life is too beautiful to hate.

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J2 + Critics’ Choice Movie Awards 2014

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It’s exciting when you find parts of yourself in someone else.
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